Many of the largest trucking companies across the nation set a new standard for new opportunities for truck drivers and experienced drivers. These companies continue to offer truck drivers a career path that provides a competitive salary, flexible work schedules, greater benefits, and the opportunity to see the country.

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Many people are interested in pursuing a driving career in the trucking industry because the truck work allows the driver to have the freedom and flexibility of working for yourself while still receiving a good salary and benefits. For die-hard truckers, no other career can be compared to the open road job.

"There's always something new to see or someone new to meet. This job never gets boring, and I enjoyed every moment of it." Jermiah said sharply, an experienced driver who has been working in this industry for over 17 years.

Most of the transport company has set-up career paths for drivers as they progress throughout their careers in driving. 
– New drivers start out as OTR driving across the country as they continue to develop their driving skills.
– An additional log-mile run driver can move to a regional or dedicated area that normally allows the driver to receive more frequent home visits. 
– For experienced drivers who have proven themselves in the industry, local jobs are available that allow them to go home every night.

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