Device for measuring light or exposure metering is a device used to measure the amount of light in an environment. Light meters are most commonly used by photographers. Generally, the information provided by the expsoure counter is used by a photographer to determine the exposure time for their pictures.

Your photography light meter will take into account your film speed, shutter speed, and aperture settings. It uses this information to calculate exposure settings recommended for your photo.

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Knowing how to use a light sensor and interpret its output are essential skills for each photographer to master. This guide will equip you with basic knowledge of different types of light metering and how to use them in your own photography.

There are two main types of light meters available on the market today reflects expsoure-meters and incident light. Reflected light meters measure the amount of light reflected from the scene to be photographed. This type of meter is commonly used in camera light meters.

Reflected light meters are calibrated only to determine the exposure settings for average scenes, they may be confused by complex or non-standard scenes. In unusual scenes with a predominance of light colour or reflective mirror, a reflected light meter would provide a misreading and would not provide specific exposure settings.