When cutting down trees, there will always be stumps to dispose of. These stumps will be left by tree cutters, as they cannot be recycled for wood. Depending on the extent of the job and how well the stump has loosened, you could hit an axle, mow the lawn, or tear off a bumper. Stump removal is usually a fairly naive process. You get to know more about the best tree and stump removal company in Western Australia through the web sources.

First, consider the dimension of what you want to remove. Is it a bush, a small tree, or a large tree? However, large stumps, due to their weight, size, and root spread, may want to rent a tree grinder to complete the job.

With a woody shrub that has abundant stems, you want to modify it to an adaptable size before you start digging. Two feet is a decent height, leaving enough to pierce. Small and medium-sized trees will benefit from having a taller trunk, up to 4 'tall. This is because that height will give you leverage to push.

You can start by digging around the stump. It is not necessary to dig along with the stump because the roots will be thicker there. Start a few inches from the trunk and be sure to dig away from it, pulling the dirt out of the hole.