To protect your home from water damage, especially if you live in a part of the country where it rains a lot, you need to have your basement waterproofing system checked by a professional at American Foundation Specialists

Every year, many people who believe their basements are completely watertight but when their property gets flooded after a storm, they get shocked. Even though the basement has been properly watertight, foot drain tiles can clog or break over the years, resulting in basement leaks. 

The drains that surround the floor of your house are constructed to remove excess water from your basement. However, over the years, mud can clog it up and render it unusable. Certain indicators will tell you that your foundation waterproofing system requires maintenance.

If the walls of your basement are damp, leaky, cracked, or covered in mildew and mold, your foundation may need to be waterproof. The longer you delay maintenance, the worse the damage can cause and the more capital you lose for your home.

If a gutter appears to be a possible cause of water problems, it can be extended away from the house, or you can lay the bottom of the ditch underground and drain it into the bubble a few feet away.