There are now more sophisticated and stylish types of wallcoverings or siding available in the market. They are available with different textures and color choices for modern buildings. One of the most popular siding options is ‘exterior brick cladding’ (also known as ‘Revtement Extrieur en Briques’ in the French Language). 

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There are various other options such as: 

Vinyl: Vinyl upholstery offers flexibility in terms of color and texture. This adds to the aesthetics of the house, but vinyl siding tends to crack in cooler temperatures. Replacing vinyl siding is easier because it is low maintenance. Vinyl siding does not require paint because the color of the siding never fades.

Brick: A brick covering is also very durable and does not require constant care and maintenance. While not as strong as cement cladding. Bricklayers are stronger than most of the other siding options. Gives a nice earthy look and enhances the edge appeal of any home.

The types of wall cladding available can be classified according to how they are attached to the outer wall, their function and their shape. They can be installed horizontally, vertically or even on a slope.

There are also many other options available, such as: aluminum and vinyl. They have punch-holes that can be made in the outer wall and lockable extensions to protect them from the elements. Upholstery is most often offered as planks, which are horizontal boards and have overlapping joints.